There are 50 different fortunes inside the fortunes cookies from Nooklings.

Many of them are related to a series of Nintendo games.

Cookie Item Series Fortune
#1 Mushroom Mural (Furniture) Mario A red hat may improve your head, as well as your fashion sense.
#2 Block Floor (Furniture) Mario You will be visited by a mustachioed man.
#3 Hero's Clothes (Clothing) Zelda The land is in great peril, and soon you will be the Hero of [town-name].
#4 Random item Today is not your day, try another day.
#5 Hero's Pants (Clothing) Zelda Don't take it lightly, a hidden chest awaits!
#6 Random item He who stubs his toe is he who remembers his feet are there.
#7 Peach's Parasol (Clothing) Mario She who shades herself from an angry sun does so with dignity.
#8 Hero's Cap (Clothing) Zelda A green hat may be just the thing to inspire you toward adventure.
#9 Majora's Mask (Clothing) Zelda If you leave my mask out there, something terrible will happen!
#10 Samus Mask (Clothing) Metroid She who forgoes a hat and grabs a helmet knows not the sting of lava.
#11 Midna's Mask (Clothing) Zelda Look to the sky when the sun sets. All will be revealed in this twilight.
#12 Toad Hat (Clothing) Mario In both life and love, there is always another castle.
#13 Red Pikmin (Clothing) Pikmin He who plays with fire, would be wise to be flame retardant.
#14 Blue Pikmin (Clothing) Pikmin Breathing underwater is rather easy, assuming you have gills.
#15 Yellow Pikmin (Clothing) Pikmin Some people shy away from bombs, but you are not some people.
#16 Random item A bulb in your future is looking dim. Bring a flashlight.
#17 Block (Furniture) Mario He who breaks bricks with his head must remember to grow up.
#18 Coin (Furniture) Mario You cannot put a value on your life, unless you have 100 gold coins.
#19 Goal Pole (Furniture) Mario He who flaps in front of an enemy may soon be flapping at his boots.
#20 Fire Flower (Furniture) Mario Sometimes a flower is just a flower, unless it causes fires.
#21 Super Mushroom (Furniture) Mario He who wishes to grow must remember to eat his roughage.
#22 Green Shell (Furniture) Mario Kart He who kicks his problems away may soon find them returning.
#23 Super Star (Furniture) Mario Power is often fleeting.
#24 1-Up Mushroom (Furniture) Mario You only live once, unless you have another guy.
#25 Mystery Block (Furniture) Mario The future is a mystery that may hold great treasures for you
#26 Pipe (Furniture) Mario There are no shortcuts in life, except for when there are.
#27 Fire Bar (Furniture) Mario He who jumps over fire, does so knowing it is not impressed.
#28 Bill Blaster (Furniture) Mario Cannons are much like toasters, though bread is bad for cannons.
#29 Yoshi's Egg (Furniture) Mario Never count your Yoshis before they hatch. Plans often change.
#30 Random item Sundaes are delicious every day of the week, unless you hate ice cream.
#31 Triple Red Shells (Furniture) Mario Kart Sometimes that which protects you must also fight for you as well.
#32 Kart (Furniture) Mario Kart You should consider a career as a professional kart racer.
#33 Pikmin (Furniture) Pikmin Value the friends you have, for one day you may need them.
#34 Blue Falcon (Furniture) F-Zero When all else fails, never forget to show them your moves.
#35 Master Sword (Furniture) Zelda It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.
#36 Arwing (Furniture) Star Fox Your friends need you. They always need you. They will never stop.
#37 Triforce (Furniture) Zelda He who believes he has a pure heart is probably just a beast in denial.
#38 Random item It always rains on your birthday, yet no one ever gives you an unbrella.
#39 S.S. Dolphin (Furniture) Pikmin Sometimes a seemingly bad instance can become a great opportunity.
#40 Virtual Boy (Furniture) I see much red in your future. Much red indeed.
#41 Wii Balance Board (Furniture) Exercising is not a hobby. It is a lifestyle.
#42 Varia Suit Pants (Clothing) Metroid She who wears lava-proof pants is dressed for any occasion.
#43 Varia Suit Boots (Clothing) Metroid She who wears laceless shoes is probably busy with space monsters.
#44 Bad Bro's Stache (Clothing) Mario Garlic is not a substitute for personal hygiene.
#45 Big Bro's Mustache (Clothing) Mario An itchy nose is worth the sacrifice for a glorious upper lip.
#46 Varia Suit (Clothing) Metroid She who wears armor today is she who may wear armor tomorrow.
#47 Metroid (Furniture) Metroid Wise men say that the brain is a terrible thing to waste.
#48 Triple Bananas (Furniture) Mario Kart Those who slip are often just given a chance to appreciate the ground.
#49 Hero's Boots (Clothing) Zelda A door that does not open is not closed to you; it only needs a key.
#50 Fi Mask (Clothing) Zelda A sword is just a sword, sometimes its a girl.