Sea Creatures

Sea creatures can be found by diving into the water in a wetsuit. You can borrow a wetsuit on the island, or buy your own (on some days) for 40 medals.

The in-game encyclopedia contains information about all 30 sea creatures. Collect them all!

This table lists all of the different sea creatures, along with their sale price in bells. Some creatures are worth a lot more than others, but collecting them is less profitable by time than bug catching.

Name Value
Acorn Barnacle 200
Chambered Nautilus 900
Flatworm 200
Giant Isopod 9,000
Lobster ?
Mantis Shrimp 1,250
Octopus 1,200
Pearl Oyster 1,600
Scallop 2,200
Sea Anemone 100
Sea Grapes 600
Sea Slug 200
Sea Star 100
Sea Urchin 800
Seaweed 200
Spotted Garden Eel 600
Tiger Prawn 1,600

Prices will vary based on a few factors:

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